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About us

Christ the Lord Evangelical Lutheran Church is a neighborhood Christian church of about 150 souls that gathers for worship weekly in Clearwater, Florida.

We are an "evangelical" or "good news" church because the good news that our sins against God have been forgiven for Jesus' sake predominates in our church.  We are a positive place, inspired by gratitude, not merely pressured by guilt.

We are a Lutheran church because we believe that a church reformer of the 1500s, Martin Luther, got it right:  people are saved by God's grace alone (salvation is a gift), through faith alone (salvation is ours by faith in God's promise that Jesus has forgiven us), which is revealed through the Scriptures alone (not by human traditions, church decrees, or clergy opinions). 

We have a deep appreciation for Baptism and the Lord's Supper. We believe these two ceremonies started by Jesus aren't merely expressions of human committment to God.  Rather, they are divine means by which God offers and conveys to us the forgiveness of sins earned by Jesus. We believe this because the phrase, "for the forgiveness of sins" is linked to these sacraments numerous times in Scripture. The sacraments, therefore, are peace-giving, refreshing, and inspiring for us. 

We are a member of WELS, a synod of over a thousand like-minded congregations, which is headquartered in Wisconsin, and we partner with about 20 worldwide church bodies in the CELC


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